A Savvy Mission

Making tech devices affordable while supporting worthy environmental causes

A Savvy Story...

What are you reading this page on? A phone, laptop, or tablet?

We tend to look for a new phone every couple of years and a new computer every five years or so. When this happens, assuming you've done your research, you have two choices: new or refurbished. We all enjoy buying things that are completely new. But what if you could receive the exact same experience with refurbished devices while also doing your part in helping the environment?

And when you do make a new purchase, what do you do with your old device?

Electronic waste is referred to as "e-waste" and refers to wasted electronics. E-waste has also grown to be a significant environmental and health issue for the entire world as a result of the development of new electronic devices.

The Effect e-waste has on the Environment

Air Contamination: When e-waste is disassembled, shredded, or melted, dust particles are released into the air, increasing pollution, and harming the lungs.

Soil Contamination: E-waste that is incorrectly disposed of in landfills causes heavy metals and flame retardants to seep into the ground.

Water Contamination: Once in the soil, heavy metals may seep into the groundwater and toxify and aerate it, resulting in more harm.

In summary, e-waste harms the ecosystem by emitting glasshouse gases, damaging species and their habitats, and having a detrimental impact on human health.

The Impact In New Zealand

E-waste is the fastest-growing toxic waste stream in New Zealand. Every year, New Zealand generates approximately 99,000 tonnes (20. kg per capita) of electronic waste, of which 97,000 tonnes isdisposed of in landfills.

A Savvy Solution...

What are we doing about it

2008 saw the launch of Savvy's initial product sales through Fonefix (Savvy is a division of Fonefix Limited, an electronics repair company). Since then, we have expanded, and now provide a high-quality selection of refurbished electronics and other related items.  

By focusing on a device’s end to end life cycle, Savvy has the resources to repair and use materials / parts from recycled devices and refurbish them, continuing their lifespan for the next consumer.

For devices that can’t be refurbished, repaired or re-used, Savvy has several reputable partners to recycle the e-waste safely, reducing the environmental impact this may have had if not done correctly.